The Tradie Coach

Changing the construction industry by improving business acumen for commercial trade businesses

Welcome to The Tradie Coach


he Tradie Coach is a coaching company. I help trade business in the tier 1 and tier 2 commercial construction industry to reduce stress, fear and anxiety and support the growth they need to improve business performance and their life.

Over the last few decades, I have witnessed trade businesses pave a traditional growth path from residential to tier 1 and tier 2 commercial. This growth has led to many great success stories.

However, recent times have brought with them much uncertainty: It is harder than ever to compete and win new business.

Industry trends:

  • Cost before quality: Jobs are harder to win and margins are squeezed.

  • Risk: Offloading to you and Increased legal & contract issues.

  • Wages: Increased pressure on cash flow and margins are squeezed.

Now is not just a case of adjusting to the new environment but one of survival.

Robust business acumen is critical to surviving today. I built the Tradie Coach to arm you with the tools, not only to keep you safe, but to ensure you thrive. Below are the tools I provide to make this happen:

  • Strategic direction: MISSION: Where you are going and how you are going to get there?

  • Structure: Belief in the MISSION, stakeholder management & alignment, culture of accountability and employee performance measures.

  • Financial management: Accurate estimating and real time job cost reporting tools.

  • Risk: Accurate risk mitigation up front, contract management and legal & delay issues.

Our continued growth & success is proudly driven by referral & invitation: If you know of others who believe in our mission and would benefit from our extensive range of coaching services, please do not hesitate to contact me.